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There comes a time in everyone’s life

when most of our memories get
consigned to the loft…

Does this sound familiar?

Old video tapes gather dust because the video recorder died a death, or we upgraded the camera. Our once beloved video collection has been transported upwards to “create a bit more space”.

And all those treasured memories begin to fade…

So in order to reunite you with those cherished memories, let us introduce you to Lost in the Loft – the truly personal video and cine film transfer service.

Our service is simple:

We take your videos and lovingly restore them into digital form. We then present it back to you in a fully personalised case and printed disc or attractive metal box for the USB stick.

We can transfer all formats to DVD or USB stick including VHS to DVD / Hi-8 / mini DVD / 8mm Cine Film

DVD’s are produced to run on all compatible players and make a perfect gift.

You may wish us to just supply you with digital files on a USB memory stick so you can view them on your smart TV or computer or you can even upload them to an online service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Just let us know when ordering.

So, if you’re ready to digitise your life, let’s get started…

Video tape to Digital

All formats of video beautifully transferred to a crisp digital format and presented on DVD or uploaded to your favourite web service.

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Cine to Digital

Archive your cine film before its too late. Film degrades with age so why not act now and preserve your memories forever.

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The Perfect Gift

What better way to show someone how much you care than by presenting them with a beautifully package DVD full of memories?

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