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Stories from the Loft

Stuck For A Christmas Present?

This is the time of year we go all go through the process of thinking of a Christmas present for ‘The Person Who’s Got Everything’.

At Lost in the Loft, we specialise in packaging up the most precious gift we can ever give – Happy Memories.

– With the whole family round at Christmas, re-live all those holidays, birthdays and special occasions.

– Wedding videos converted to a beautifully-presented DVD (Brownie Points for husbands!)

– Photos and Slides put onto a Memory Stick and played through a Digital Photo Frame instead of being neglected in a suitcase.

Let’s face it, watching your own movies over Christmas will be just a little more entertaining than the endless stream of Bond Movies and Christmas Specials on the telly…….

So get up that loft ladder, rescue all those treasured memories, and let us turn them into The Perfect Gift.


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