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Video Transfer

All formats of video beautifully transferred to a crisp digital format

Let us unlock your cherished memories

Weddings, holidays, christenings, sports days, holidays…if it moved we recorded it! For over 25 years we’ve been recording our lives on various tape formats and replaying them on video recorders or maybe just plugging our camera straight into the TV. Trouble is, technology moves on, and much of our old video footage has now been “Lost in the Loft”. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to view our old video memories on new technology?

In other words you could be watching all your old recordings on a DVD player or on your Smart TV via a USB memory stick. Just imagine…

  • All your old analogue tapes converted into high quality digital DVD format
  • You can view it on any DVD player or even your PC
  • You can easily search through your recordings with Chapters and Scene Selections – just like your favourite movie DVD’s
  • Saves a huge amount of space (and dusting!!)
  • Is beautifully presented in a proper DVD case, complete with titles and Chapter selections (see the presentation above)
  • Will last forever

Lost in the Loft is a full service analogue to digital conversion company offering a highly personal service to our clients. We treat your treasured memories with the respect we’d treat our own, and once the conversion is done we return all your tapes and your beautifully-presented DVD or USB Memory stick.

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So, how does it work?

Step 1 - Get your video tapes to us

We recommend you bring them direct to our studio in Horsham, West Sussex. Alternatively if you’re in the Horsham area we can collect them without charge. Or if you do have to send them through the post we recommend sending your tapes via Royal Mail Registered Post.

Step 2 - Planning your project

We will discuss exactly how you want your films transferred. Options include personalised titles, labels, covers…even music and chapters.

Step 3 - We will begin the transfer

We’ll give you an estimate of delivery based on the amount of video you supply. We shall also give an outline of pricing at this stage.

Step 4 - Receiving your DVD or digital files

We will contact you to confirm completion for you to collect or organise a personal delivery. Alternatively we can save to a digital format if you want to work on the files yourself.

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