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Customer Stories

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“Just wanted to say THANK YOU! The DVD was so long, I had to watch it over a couple of evenings and I just finished it. Just as well I broke it up, or I would have been too emotional. Terrible camera work and so out of focus at times, but fantastic to watch. Brought back so many memories and and so many family members no longer here. Thank you for putting it together so well – I am sure my parents will love it!” Michele Proto


“I have been talking for years about converting my camcorder tapes into DVD’s, but even if I had got round to it, I would never have attained the quality that Lost in The Loft offers. My family has laughed and cried, and generally enjoyed the fruits of all those hours of filming, lovingly & professionally transformed into DVD’s which are pure pleasure to watch.” Jenny Edwards – Lower Beeding, Sussex


“Lost In The Loft is a must for anyone wishing to view their old wedding or holiday videos. We hadn’t seen the wedding video for about 10 years and as our anniversary was approaching fast We tasked them to convert the original tapes to DVD which they did, on-time, on-budget including a printed cover and to a quality that had never been viewed before! ” Bruce Phillips – Foundry Press, Horsham, West Sussex


“Lost in the Loft did a fantastic job of transferring our entire family collection of Hi-8 camcorder tapes to DVD. We especially loved the Scene Selection menus and music that they added. All in all, it was a very professional job.” Martin Lines – Littlehaven, Sussex


I gave Lost In The Loft a number of old camcorder tapes, assuming that they were irretrievable. They managed to salvage 5 hours of footage and transferred it to DVD. The first disc I played showed my Mum on Christmas Day, speaking to the camera, laughing and basically, being Mum. She died a few years ago, and hearing her voice again was amazing, and a privilege I thought was lost to me forever. Thank you – your product & service has managed to reduce an overweight, 30-year old man to tears, and I truly thank you for it. Greg Davies – Area Director BNI London


Having 4 children and a camcorder to video from the birth of our first child, we had an amazing library of in excess of 100 hours worth of tapes. Like all other families, all special occasions were taped including birthdays, holidays, get togethers etc, which all then became a major performance to view on the television. I passed over 70 tapes to Lost in the Loft who converted these to DVD with exceptional high quality. Each DVD has chapters which you can easily select to view with background music being added while we selected what to watch.These have brought back so many wonderful memories and fascinate the kids as they watch themselves growing up from babies into adulthood – a must for any family to bring back their special memories too. The conversion of our old camcorder tapes to DVD was extremely good value and brought back so many happy memories money simply cannot buy. Thank you for bringing back our past in such a professional manner. Perry and Tina Williams – Horsham


I asked Lost In The Loft to transfer old camcorder and cine footage onto a DVD so that my family and I could play back our old family movies more easily than having to dig out the old camera and plug it in through the television, which often gave a poor quality picture. The finished product was more than I ever hoped for. Not only were all our home movies transferred onto DVDs but all the footage had been digitally re-mastered and cleaned up and a home menu and chapters inserted so that we can play it any time and jump effortlessly to our favourite memories. It also gave me the excuse I needed to get all the family together for a reunion. The footage had us all in stitches and tears of joy! I cannot recommend Lost In The Loft highly enough.  Darren Bennett – Worthing

The team’s ability to bring long lost memories back to life is priceless. My 82-year old father has a collection of long-since deleted folk music on vinyl and tape that he bought during family holidays many years ago to various UK and European destinations.My Father is of an age where he has become rather forgetful but, thanks to Lost In The Loft being able to transfer the music onto CD, he is once again able to listen to his music, and has regained many long lost memories. To see my Father so happy absolutely makes my day. Thank you! Carol Ellis – Billingshurst


What an amazing and swift job Lost In The Loft have done! It didnt even take them a week and I had my old video tape transferred to a dvd. And what a quality! Thank you so very much for your excellent work. One christmas present done. I shall be recommending you, there is not doubt about it. Thank you again and I am wishing you all the best in the future. Lucia Stefekova – Rusper