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Stories from the Loft

Safe and Sound Video Transfers

So, you’ve spent a lifetime compiling your priceless memories. What’s the biggest decision you need to get right when it comes to getting them transferred to a digital format?

Answer – Who do you give them to?

  • You don’t want to risk getting them lost in the post.
  • Or sending them to an internet company that isn’t trading any more.

You want to know they will be safe, handled with care and respect. And returned to you along with your new digitised versions.

At Lost in The Loft, we understand this is the primary concern everyone has, and the reason why we take so much care of your films and tapes, and do as detailed a job on them as we would for our own personal tapes.

  • We don’t send your precious footage away to a nameless processing plant. All transfers are done using state-of-the-art specialist equipment, but in our offices. Your films never leave our sight.
  • We take note of the words that were hastily scribbled on the cine film envelopes! And we convert them into Chapter titles.
  • We take the time to choose appropriate music to complement the film.

We pay attention to all the little details which a large corporation would ignore, but which are so important to you.

Here’s what Ita, a recent client, wrote:

I had been promising myself for more than 25 years I would get the cine film my dad had shot in the 1950s and 1960s transferred to DVD. But until I saw the Lost in the Loft advert I had not taken action.

I wanted to be able to talk someone through the more than 15 reels, get some assurance about the transferability (as there had been lots of edits and splices along the way and also breakages due to age). I didn’t want to just send it off in the post to some faceless organisation.

I have to say the job Lost in the Loft did was terrific! They created 3 fabulous DVDs, recovering everything!

I had feared that leaving things so long – some film being almost 60 years old –  there would not be much that was viewable. But it has been truly amazing! To find that the memories I had of some of the times held true has been quite reassuring. Of course it has been highly emotional too.

I would advise anyone in the same situation as me with cine film ‘lost in the loft” or stuck away in a cupboard somewhere! Don’t delay any longer!

You can put the reels of cine film that hold your precious memories in safe hands with ‘Lost in the Loft’ and get a professional job done with all the care and enthusiasm you could want.

And at a price that I found was cheaper than high-street chains or other companies offering cine to DVD transfer services.

Ita Lawton, Horsham

Contact us now on 01403 734465 and you can rest assured that your priceless memories are safe with us.
They make fantastic Christmas presents too!

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