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Cine Transfer

Film degrades with age so why not act now and preserve your memories forever?

Rediscover the past in glorious digital detail

For the pre-video generation or those inheriting a collection of standard 8mm or super 8 films we offer a full cine to digital transfer service. All the standards we apply to video transfer apply to cine film. Films will be digitised and presented back on a beautifully presented DVD complete with a full menu including visual chapter navigation. We can also upload your finished projects to an online service of your choice.

Our transfer process digitally enhances your film restoring its original vibrance and making it clearer and brighter.

We work for private individuals, companies, charities and museums who are anxious to preserve valuable collections.

So, how does it work?

Step 1 - Getting your films to us

You can either drop your films off at our studio in Southwater, West Sussex or we can personally pick them up if you’re in the Horsham area. Outside of these areas please get in touch and we can advise on alternative couriers and delivery services.

Step 2 - Planning your project

We will discuss exactly how you want your films transferred. Options include personalised titles, labels, covers…even music and chapters.

Step 3 - We will begin the transfer

We’ll give you an estimate of delivery based on the amount of video you supply. We shall also give an outline of pricing at this stage.

Step 4 - Receiving your DVD or digital files

We will contact you to confirm completion for you to collect or organise a personal delivery. Alternatively we can save to a digital format if you want to work on the files yourself.

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