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Stories from the Loft

The Perfect Gift for Fathers Day

For the Father who has everything…..

This one’s addressed to anyone who has a Father who has everything.

Charm, good looks, sophistication…………… as their child……….

All well and good – but what on earth can you get for him this time around for Father’s Day on Sunday June 19th?

At Lost in the Loft we could well have the answer:-

When he’s not looking, steal some of his video tapes – you know the ones –  the ones with all his youthful exploits he spends so much time regaling you with stories about. 

  • He won’t miss them
  • He hasn’t watched them in years – since the VCR packed up
  • Get them to us
  • We’ll spin them into slick DVDs 
  • You give them to him on Fathers Day
  • He re-lives all his Best Bits with the family
  • You get maximum Brownie Points that can be cashed in for future requests for laptops, iPhones and shoes

One, small drawback….

……… you’ll get to hear all those stories again……..

Contact us to make your Dad’s Day on 01403 734465 /

Fast turnaround in time for the Big Day guaranteed!

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