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Stories from the Loft

The Long Final Goodbye of the VCR

That was the title of an article in the New York Times last month. About the last of the Japanese companies, the Funai Corporation, to cease production of the Video Cassette Recorder, citing ‘difficulty acquiring parts.’

Funai sold 750,000 units worldwide in 2015, down from millions decades earlier.

In fairness, this news probably didn’t exactly come as a surprise to many people. Some would have thought that VCRs had been scrapped years ago.

Certainly, the leading players like Sony and JVC switched to DVD format from about 1995.

So – we hear you say – what about that shoebox with all our precious family movies on video?

That’s where Lost in the Loft come in:-

VCR to Digital Transfer – Our Speciality!

We’re not saying we’ve cornered the market by buying up all the last VCRs and Camcorder Tape Players! But we’ve certainly got an arsenal of equipment that will enable us to convert your Analogue, magnetic tapes to Digital…..before they turn to dust.

Like all things, technology marches on: VHS Tape to DVD to Digital Files to Streaming from the Cloud!

But the message is clear:- 

If you have precious memories locked up in old technology, don’t wait for the day when you can’t play those images any more.

Give the Lost in the Loft team a call on 01403 734465 or email us on and talk to us about preserving those irreplaceable images for ever.

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