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Stories from the Loft

Santa’s Seven Steps To A Very Special Christmas

Old videos converted to DVD …….Studio converted into Santa’s workshop!

So what goes on behind the scenes at Lost in the Loft at Christmas time? Here’s a sneak peek….


Step 1.

Santa receives a stack of old video tapes that have been lurking at the back of a cupboard or in the loft/shed/garage

Step 2.

Santa’s elves put the tapes into some sort of order

They don’t mind what sort of a disorganised state they are in!

Step 3.

Santa starts to put them through his broadcast-quality Digitisers and Editing Suites (oh yeah our Santa is very technical) so he gets the best possible quality results.

Step 4.

Once he’s got all the video successfully digitised, Techie- Santa puts on his Editing Hat and removes gaps and unwanted film (pavements, feet etc!)

Step 5.

Now for the fun bit as Santa divides the footage into Chapters, so that it’s easy to find specific events, and he even adds music to Cine Films that had no audio.

Step 6.

Now the DVD’s are lovingly labelled and given shiny covers. No more tatty cardboard boxes!

Step 7.

Finally Santa contacts the customer to let them know that their professionally-transferred, edited and packaged DVDs are ready for pickup.

So there you have it –

Santa’s Seven Steps To A Very Special Christmas!

There’s still time to get your order in, but don’t delay!

Call Techie-Santa now on 01403 734465

“Not only were all our home movies transferred onto DVDs, but all the footage had been digitally re-mastered and cleaned up and a Home Menu and Chapters inserted so we can jump effortlessly to our favourite memories. 

The footage had us all in stitches and tears of joy!

I cannot recommend Lost In The Loft highly enough”

Darren Bennett – Worthing



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