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Stories from the Loft

“Well they do make exceedingly good presents….”

What does November mean at Lost in the Loft?
People finally get round to thinking about Christmas!

We’ve had all manner of customers this week, with large and small orders:

– A Mum & Dad who want their 49 tape VHS-C camcorder tapes converted to DVD, with copies for both of their children.
He had tried for years to get them done, but had finally been nagged by his wife to use our services!

– A man who spent his working life on the North Sea oil rigs, getting all his (frankly stunning) films transferred to DVD – he hadn’t seen them since retiring 10 years ago.
“We bought a new DVD unit and watched our Norwegian DVD. Just fabulous. Thank you so much. We are going to search the loft again to see what else turns up.”

– One, small 50′  8mm cine reel – it won’t be more than 4 minutes of film, but it’s the only footage of a lady’s late parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. Precious beyond words.
She wouldn’t have got it done if she’d had to post it, but was very happy to drop it in to our studio in Southwater.

And what have all of these customers got in common?
Answer – they are all going to make Christmas presents of the DVDs.

You’ll probably hear this from us more than once in the coming weeks, but a DVD of people’s personal memories really is

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

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