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Stories from the Loft

Digital Restores

Pre-War Wedding Footage Restored for the Digital Age

We are used to delighting our clients by restoring cine and video film of the special occasions in their lives.

But a recent client managed to amaze even us with her canister containing a spool of 16mm Cine Film. The cine film turned out to be of her Mother’s wedding. Nothing unusual there. But this film was from 1936!

We were equally amazed to learn that at the age of 102 the Bride couldn’t wait to see it! As you can imagine, words cannot express what it meant for her to be able to see her wedding again, 80 years on!

Needless to say, the whole family want copies, which we are delighted to provide!


Audio Cassettes and Vinyl Records Digitally Remastered

We can also go one step beyond film footage and convert old audio cassette tapes and scratchy vinyl recordings to digital format.

Two recent clients can attest to this:

  • One chap had written a number of original songs, preserved only on audio cassette. We converted them to CDs, with bespoke covers and labels.
  • Another chap had produced a children’s vinyl record – long-since deleted – and we digitised it, removing all the ‘snap, crackle and pop’ that always comes with old records!

So, at Lost in the Loft we can bring back both visual and audio content from your old tapes. If you’re not sure we can help just ask! We usually can!

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