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Stories from the Loft

3 Reasons We Do It Better!

“What’s so hard about transferring video to DVD?

 I’ll just get some software and do it myself.”

A couple of things to ask yourself:

  1. Will you ever get round to it?
  2. How good is that “specialist software” you can buy in the High Street? (which you will only use once)

Here at Lost in the Loft we use professional equipment and software to get the best possible results:

  1. Analogue to Digital Transfer

We use broadcast-quality digitisers (equipment that transfers images from video (analogue) to DVD (digital.) These digitisers enhance the picture and sound quality of your films.

We even get Dr Who involved! The “Time Base Correction” process used by these digitisers stabilises the picture produced, removing the Wow and Flutter that dog your old video tapes!

  1. Edit

We use the highest quality editing software to remove gaps and redundant footage (your feet, pavements, vast expanses of sky etc.)

Then we divide your film into chapters, so it’s easy to find the bit you want.

  1. Label and Package

Finally we label your discs and put them lovingly into presentation covers, giving you a beautiful library of wonderful memories.


No more boxes of random video tapes lost in the loft. And no more “I’ll get round to sorting them out ….one day”

Call us now at Lost in the Loft on 01403 734465

Make your memories come alive again for family and friends.


“I have been talking for years about converting my camcorder tapes into DVD’s, but even if I had got round to it, I would never have attained the quality that Lost in the Loft offers. 

My family has laughed and cried, and generally enjoyed the fruits of all those hours of filming, lovingly and professionally transformed into DVD’s which are pure pleasure to watch.”Jenny Edwards, Lower Beeding, West Sussex


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