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Stories from the Loft

Who can we make happy this year?

Let the Lost in the Loft Team be (probably) the very last to wish you Happy New Year!

Lots to look forward to in 2015, both on the Domestic and Commercial sides of the business, but time to just reflect on what was our busiest-ever Christmas period.

As well as the old familiar tasks of converting people’s entire video tape collections to share with the family at Christmas, we really did have some diverse & unique jobs this Christmas.

A Horsham lady came to us with a precious audio cassette of a BBC radio interview with her Grandfather about his exploits flying bi-planes with the RFC – the Royal Flying Corps – in World War One.
She needed eleven copies for the entire family!

A local businessman had us convert all his Sony Micro-tapes to DVD for his daughter as a priceless Christmas present for his daughter, who lost her Mother seven years ago.

Memories of a World Cruise, Coolham Airfield, Horsham Bluebelles Majorettes and personal Wedding videos too many to number were all preserved on DVD for some very happy people.

And talking of happy people – our favourite Christmas Card was from Georgina & Alan Toovey (the Auctioneers from Storrington), who celebrated a very special occasion earlier in the year and wrote this on their card to us:

” Our Golden Wedding in April was wonderful, made all the more so with the DVD of our Cine films running which you had amazingly transformed for us. So many old & dear friends & family moved almost to tears watching it. All thanks to your creative & sensitive work and the lovely soundtrack. Words aren’t enough to tell you how grateful we were.”

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Now, who can we make happy this year?!…….

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