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Stories from the Loft

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

lost in the loft advert imageSo it’s that time of year again! When people are scratching their heads trying to come up with the perfect gift for their loved one.

And, as usual here at Lost in the Loft we are busy dealing with an avalanche of orders for Christmas!

After all, what could be a more perfect Christmas gift than a set of DVDs full of precious memories?

At Lost in the Loft we:

  • Transfer your old videos and cine films to DVDs
  • Remove any blank sections, so every DVD is packed full of those special moments
  • Insert chapter divisions, making it easy to find favourite sections

Then we pack them into labelled DVD cases to be proudly displayed. No more boxes of forgotten video tapes in the loft!

We can deal with all types and sizes of order from dozens of video tapes to just a few minutes of cine film.

A DVD of a loved one’s personal memories really is the perfect gift for Christmas.

There’s still time to get your old cine and video tapes on to DVD before Christmas. But hurry!

Call us now on 01403 734465.

“Lost in the Loft did a fantastic job of transferring our entire family collection of Hi-8 camcorder tapes to DVD. We especially loved the Scene Selection menus and music that they added. A very professional job” Martin Lines, Horsham


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