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Stuck For A Christmas Present?

This is the time of year we go all go through the process of thinking of a Christmas present for ‘The Person Who’s Got Everything’. At Lost in the Loft, we specialise in packaging up the most precious gift we can ever give – Happy Memories. – With the whole family round at Christmas, re-live... Read More

Safe and Sound Video Transfers

So, you’ve spent a lifetime compiling your priceless memories. What’s the biggest decision you need to get right when it comes to getting them transferred to a digital format? Answer – Who do you give them to? You don’t want to risk getting them lost in the post. Or sending them to an internet company... Read More

The Long Final Goodbye of the VCR

That was the title of an article in the New York Times last month. About the last of the Japanese companies, the Funai Corporation, to cease production of the Video Cassette Recorder, citing ‘difficulty acquiring parts.’ Funai sold 750,000 units worldwide in 2015, down from millions decades earlier. In fairness, this news probably didn’t exactly... Read More

The Perfect Gift for Fathers Day

For the Father who has everything….. This one’s addressed to anyone who has a Father who has everything. Charm, good looks, sophistication…………… as their child………. All well and good – but what on earth can you get for him this time around for Father’s Day on Sunday June 19th? At Lost in the Loft we... Read More

Cloud Solutions!

Not everyone wants their video or cine film transferred onto DVD. Increasingly, customers to the Loft want the ‘raw’ files – the files created on uploading the tapes from analogue to digital. Maybe they want to only view them on their laptops or mobile devices? Maybe they want to edit them themselves? Maybe they just... Read More

Another Broken Record!

The record for the oldest piece of Cine Film we’ve worked on was broken this week – a couple of spools of 16mm film dating from 1926. Yes, that’s the year our Queen was born (as you’ve no doubt heard!) so that means that this cine film is 90 years old! Here at Lost in... Read More

Family Entertainment this Easter. Whatever the weather!!

With the weather gremlins promising wind and rain this Easter weekend you may be worried as to how you are going to keep your houseful of Easter guests entertained all weekend. But then you do have that stack of old cine or video films lying around, collecting dust, haven’t you? Packed with family hilarity of... Read More

Digital Restores

Pre-War Wedding Footage Restored for the Digital Age We are used to delighting our clients by restoring cine and video film of the special occasions in their lives. But a recent client managed to amaze even us with her canister containing a spool of 16mm Cine Film. The cine film turned out to be of... Read More

Santa’s Seven Steps To A Very Special Christmas

Old videos converted to DVD …….Studio converted into Santa’s workshop! So what goes on behind the scenes at Lost in the Loft at Christmas time? Here’s a sneak peek….   Step 1. Santa receives a stack of old video tapes that have been lurking at the back of a cupboard or in the loft/shed/garage Step... Read More

3 Reasons We Do It Better!

“What’s so hard about transferring video to DVD?  I’ll just get some software and do it myself.” A couple of things to ask yourself: Will you ever get round to it? How good is that “specialist software” you can buy in the High Street? (which you will only use once) Here at Lost in the... Read More